Rayleen Ryan


Education & Credentials

Dental Hygiene, San Joaquin Valley College; Ontario, CA


CPR, Local Anesthesia, Laser, Interim Therapeutic Restoration, X-rays, Sealants


I enjoy the time I spend with my patients and take pride in my work! It is my job to help educate you about dental hygiene, as well as ways to maintain or improve your own oral health.


My favorite sport to play is soccer, but I like to watch baseball and football. Sometimes I'll get into a random fiction show, but for the most part I don't watch a lot of TV. I also enjoy meeting new people.

Volunteer/Service Experience

Tzu Chi Foundation, CDA Cares


In my spare time I love doing outside activities such as hiking, going to the lake, snowboarding, and camping. I like listening to all music genres except screamo, and can always enjoy a good movie night! I'm a lover of any animal and take pride in adopting dogs when I can.